Runchao Han


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Brief bio

I'm a researcher and engineer in Blockchain.
Currently, I'm working on Babylon, a new blockchain that brings security and decentralisation of Bitcoin to all Proof-of-Stake blockchains.
Previously, I obtained my PhD at Monash University and CSIRO-Data61 (advisors: Jiangshan Yu, Joseph Liu and Shiping Chen), Msc at The University of Manchester (advisor: Christos Kotselidis), and BSc at BUPT.
My name in Chinese is 韩润超.

Research profile

I aim at improving scalability, security and privacy of permissionless blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
My research mainly combines techniques from Cryptography and Distributed Computing.
My PhD research mainly focused on blockchain sharding protocols and their underlying primitives, such as shard allocation and decentralised randomness beacon.
I also have worked on some other topics such as cross-chain communication, economic security of blockchains, layer-2 protocols, and optimisation of Proof-of-Work mining.


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